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12 years of electronic signature and timestamping expertise


Universign is the online electronic signature platform by the company Cryptolog, a leading provider of electronic signature and timestamping software. Universign is the result of Cryptologs twelve years of technological expertise in the fields of electronic signature and timestamping with probative value.

Cryptolog was founded in 2001 when electronic signatures first became legally valid in France following the Decree n°2001-272 of March 30th, 2001. At the forefront of innovation in the fields of electronic signature, timestamping and identity management, Cryptolog is now a key player in the electronic proof market.

certifications obtained both in France and at a European level

  • RGS certified

    RGS and ETSI certified

    The Universign platform is currently the only French Timestamping Authority to be qualified, in the sense of the French RGS (General Security Framework) Decree of February 2nd, 2010, by the ANSSI and certified as complying with the European standard ETSI TS 102 023.
  • Common Criteria certification

    Common Criteria EAL3+ certification

    Universign is based on our electronic signature toolkit CUTE that is currently under Common Criteria EAL3+ certification process with standard qualification level.
  • Logo Adobe AATL Member

    Adobe trusted authority

    Universign is also recognised as a trusted authority by Adobe Reader for it is electronic signature service.

Why choose us ?

  • Picto croissance

    a growth of 35%

    Over the last four years, the companys turnover has grown by an average of 35%. Cryptolog is continuing to pursue its goal of breaking with market practices in order to put electronic signature services within the reach of everyone.
  • Online contracts signature

    A complete offer

    In addition to Universign, Cryptologs product offering also consists of electronic signature software tools sold on a per license basis and dedicated turnkey hosted services.
  • Picto team

    A reliable team

    Our reliable, dynamic and responsive team is composed of Doctors in Cryptography and R&D engineers to provide support for your particularly large, innovative, complex and original projects.