Universign electronic signature

Make your life easier: sign electronically

Digital signature

Signed electronic documents are now admissible as proof on the same basis as paper-based documents. In other words, theres no need to print documents to sign them: just use electronic signatures!

Electronic (or digital) signatures are to digital documents what hand signatures are to paper documents: like paper signatures, their sole objective is to show third parties that a digital document was approved by an identified person. It is a reliable commitment mechanism that relies on cryptographic techniques.

Our electronic signature solutions

Universign is an easy-to-use online electronic signature solution. It lets you sign any type of electronic contractual document.

Depending on your requirements, you can use this platform to:

Get documents signed online

1 Get documents signed online

Using the Universign site, you can get your contacts to sign PDF documents from our platform by sending them "signature requests" by email. This mode can be accessed directly after signing up on our site and does not require any integration.

Add a Sign button to your website

2 Build electronic signature into your website

Accessible through a Web Service, this function lets you add a "Sign" button to your website and lets visitors to your website sign any type of document in PDF format. Thanks to our documented API (Application Programming Interface), electronic signature is as easy to build into your website as an online payment service.

Electronic corporate stamp

3 Automate your organisation's signature

The server stamp can be compared to an electronic corporate stamp. It lets you sign large numbers of outbound documents on behalf of your legal entity (companies, administrations, associations).

Main functions

Regardless of how you use Universign, you will benefit from major functions to dematerialise your signature processes worry-free.

PDF icon

Signing PDF documents

Convert your documents to PDF to sign them with Universign. It is a universal, standardised format that can be read by anyone with the free Adobe Reader software. The PDF format is ideal for archiving office automation documents and lets you embed several electronic signatures.

Adobe Reader validation

Signatures recognised in Adobe Reader

PDF documents electronically signed with Universign are automatically checked and approved each time the signed documents are opened in Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader®.

Timestamping certified

Timestamping certified within the means of the ETSI TS 102-023

Every signature systematically comes with certified timestamping that guarantees the documents dating and the absence of changes over time.

Signature field

Insertion of visual stamps with each signature

Electronic signatures are materialised by one or more images positioned where you want them on the signed document.

Hand signing

Hand signing using the mouse

So as not to disrupt old habits, Universign lets you simply add digitized hand signing to the document. The signatory draws their signature with the mouse or fingertip if they are using a tablet.

Multiple signatories and documents

Multiple signatories, multiple documents

Universign orchestrates the signing of several documents by several signatories. Like in a signature book, documents from the same bundle are presented one after the other to each signatory who then signs them in turn.

Type of signature

Simple signature or sign using any certificate

If you dont have a certificate, select "simple signature". If you do have a certificate, Universign will automatically detect the certificate on the workstation and offer to use it.

Documents archiving

Documents archived free of charge

We retain your signed documents with their proof in secret and at no additional cost in our archive service with probative value as long as you are a customer with us.

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