Plug electronic signatures into your website

Thanks to the Universign API , you can build electronic signatures into your website in just a few hours and immediately turn visitors to your site into clients by letting them sign contracts online.

Scheme digital signature

Universign lets you add electronic signature functionalities to any website very easily. You can now turn your website or extranet into a full-fledged electronic contract finalisation system. You can then easily ask your site's visitors, clients, suppliers and partners to electronically sign all kinds of documents proving their commitment: contracts, order forms, membership applications, miscellaneous authorisations, etc.

The 3 signature presentation methods

As easy to build-in as on-line payment services, this service is based on a documented API and proposes three major options for implementation:

Electronic signature service

1 Redirecting to Universign

Redirecting to Universign and presenting the document to be signed is an integration method copied from the way online banking transactions are carried out today: user browsing through a website, click on a "sign" button, which triggers a redirection to the Universign platform. The platform then presents the user with the document and lets them sign the document. Once this is done, they are redirected back to the merchant's website.

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Hand signing

2 Adding a "Sign" button

Adding a "Sign" button to one of your Web pages will cause a small signature window to open (pop-in). This method has little impact on the host site and does not require showing the document to be signed: its ideal for sites that already have a solution for viewing documents to be signed or for signing documents in batches.

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Signature iframe mode

3 IFrame mode

Integrating the signature page into your site in iFrame mode is a method, half-way between the two previous methods, it lets you display the document to be signed while keeping web user on your site, within your own graphical environment.

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Integration options

Regardless of the presentation mode you are considering, Universign's API service offers a large choice of implementation options and can adapt to any type of online electronic signature scenario.

  • View the PDF document before signing
  • Signature page in an iFrame (can be directly built into your web page)
  • Send a single-use code by SMS
  • Obligation to read the whole document
  • Customised signature page (logo, welcome message, acceptance message, customised text, etc.)
  • Customised verification SMS
  • Customised "invitation to sign" emails
  • Configure the web redirection after signing
  • Etc.

Archiving and reporting

To complete its online signature range, Universign offers, at no additional cost, an archiving service with probative value for all documents signed by the platform. All your signed documents will be retained with their proof as long as you are a customer with us. You can deactivate this function for confidentiality reasons on demand.

The signature collection dashboard summarises all electronic signature operations (either manual or via the API) and lets you access the signed and archived contracts.

Collections of signatures


The technical integration of the Universign API into your system can be done by your teams in just a few hours, with an API based on the XML-RPC protocol. Universign will provide you with a start-up kit that contains:

  • Full technical documentation
  • Various code samples in the principal industry languages (PHP, Java, Python, ColdFusion, etc.)
  • A test account will be provided
  • 20 free test signatures