Sign your PDF documents online

How can you sign PDF documents online?

This service lets all your signatories sign contracts online in a few steps.

Load your PDF documents

1 Load your PDF documents

Select the PDF documents that you want to send for signing and give your collection a name. You can configure the type of signature, activate hand signing or send a secret code by SMS using the different options.

Enter the signatories

2 Enter the signatories

Input the first name, last name, email address and telephone number of each signatory.

Position the signature fields

3 Position the signature fields

Indicate where the signatories are to place a visual signature on the document.

Signatories validation

4 Validate

Check the information entered...
And send!

Collections of signatures

5 Track

Track the progress of your collections in real time: from the dashboard, you can see which of your contracts have been signed and which are still pending.

Collect signatures

6 Collect signatures

Each signatory is in turn invited by email to sign the document on the Universign site where they must read the whole document and accept its terms and conditions.


7 Secret code

To trigger their electronic signature, the signatories must enter a single-use code received by SMS. If they are using a certificate, they must enter their devices PIN code.

Hand signing

8 Hand signing

If this option has been activated, the signatory finalises their electronic signature by hand signing with the mouse. They can use their finger or a stylus if they have a tablet or smartphone.

Adobe Reader validation

9 Thats it!

Once all parties have signed, you are immediately notified by email with the electronically-signed contract as an attachment. You can then certify the validity of the electronic signatures by opening it in Adobe Reader. Furthermore, the signed document is also emailed to each signatory. Collecting signatures has never been easier!

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