Sign on your organisation’s behalf!

Digital company stamp

The Universign server stamp lets you sign any kind of outgoing document on your organisations behalf (invoices, quotes, order forms, contracts, pay slips, etc.).

It can be compared to an electronic corporate stamp and has many uses:

  • certifying the origin of your files
  • electronically sealing the contents of your documents
  • showing your companys approval of the contents of a document (in addition to signing)
  • proof of receipt of information
  • securing exchanges between partners
  • etc.

This digital process is similar to electronic signatures, with one difference: stamps are not placed on a document by a physical person but by a machine located on the server side and bearing your organisation's identity. This is why its called "server stamp" and not signature.

Scheme company server stamp


To enjoy this service, you must first "create the electronic stamp" that bears the identity of your legal entity. This consists in issuing a digital identity to your organisation as a server certificate hosted in a highly secure manner within the Universign infrastructure.

You must provide a certain number of documents for this mostly adminstrative step, including:

  • an incorporation certificate (extrait de KBIS) issued within the last 3 months
  • a subscription request signed by a member of your company authorised by a legal representative of the company
  • a copy of the requesters ID.

As a Trusted Electronic Certification Services Third Party, Universign will guide you through this process.

After this, we will provide a documented API to help you build this service into your document or contract processes and applications. Once it has been built in, you can automatically or manually trigger your company's stamp on your digital documents.

Interaction with electronic signatures

In particular, the server stamp service was designed to let you build contract sequences that fully use our different trusted services. Example of a typical implementation scenario:

  • publishing a contract on letterhead paper
  • placing the server stamp with electronic timestamping
  • clients timestamped signature
  • archiving with probative value for the document for 10 years

Main functions

Adobe Reader validation

Stamps recognised in Adobe Reader

PDF document server stamps created with Universign are automatically checked and approved every time the signed documents are opened in Acrobat® and Reader®.

Certified timestamp

Timestamping certified within the means of the French General Security Specifications (Référentiel Général de Sécurité) and ETSI TS 102-023

Every stamp systematically comes with certified timestamping that guarantees the documents dating and the absence of changes over time.

Signature field

Insertion of images with each server stamp

Server stamps are materialised by an image positioned where you want it on the signed document.