Universign timestamping

Put a non-repudiable date on all your digital documents

Electronic timestamp

The date written in a digital document does not constitute "dating" that can be used as reference in litigation. Modifying a digital document to your advantage without a trace is very easy and no one will know who modified it. This applies to the documents date as well as its contents. Electronic timestamping is a pragmatic, effective and cost-efficient response to this problem.

Whereas electronic signatures consist in placing a name on a digital document, timestamping consists in placing a reliable date on a file as a timestamp token (or electronic seal).

Timestamp tokens guarantee:

  • the files anteriority with regard to a given date;
  • that the file has not been modified, even by a single bit, since that date: this is the integrity principle.

Our timestamping solutions

Universign is an easy-to-use online timestamping solution. It lets you timestamp any type of files, regardless of its format (text, audio, video files) and extension (.jpg, .png, .avi, .mp3, etc.).

Our platform can be used in several ways depending on your requirements:

File timestamping

1 To timestamp any type of files online

Via the Universign website, timestamp any type of digital documents online, directly. This mode produces timestamp tokens as small files that you must keep as proof.

Email timestamping

2 To timestamp emails

This function lets you timestamp the emails that you send to your contacts. Your emails will then be electronically sealed and dated in a reliable way that cannot be forged. You can then use them as admissible elements of proof in court.

Attachments timestamping

3 To timestamp email attachments

Do you want to timestamp a file without connecting to our platform? It's easy: add it as an attachment to an email and send it to Universign: you will receive an email with your original file and its associated timestamp seal as attachment.

Timestamp Api

4 To automate timestamping

Accessible from a Web Service, this function lets you build timestamping into your applications and information system. This mode is particularly suited for processing large numbers of documents and using embedded timestamping in PDF documents.

Main functions

Regardless of how you use Universign, you will benefit from major functionalities to timestamp your documents worry-free.

ETSI TS certification

Timestamping certified within the meaning of the ETSI TS 102-023

Universign is one of the few French Timestamp Experts that is certified RGS (French General Security Specifications) and compliant with European standard ETSI TS 102 023. These certifications imply that any document timestamped by our service constitutes strong legal proof.

Files timestamping

External timestamping of any type of files

In practice, timestamp tokens are a series of bytes that can be external to the timestamped document, for example, inside a file with a specific extension (.ers, .tsp).

PDF timestamp

Embedded timestamping in PDFs

You can also use the PDF format to timestamp documents with Universign. It's a universal, standardised format that can be read by anyone with the free Adobe Reader software. The PDF format lets you embed more than one electronic timestamp.

Adobe validation timestamping

Timestamps recognised in Adobe Reader

Electronic timestamps embedded in PDF documents are automatically checked and approved each time the signed documents are opened in Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader®.


Confidentiality of your documents

In external timestamping mode, only the cryptographic imprints of your documents are sent to Universign which guarantees their confidentiality.

Cryptographic key

Cryptographic security

By default, we offer the sha-256 hash algorithm. You can also use sha-384 and sha-512.

You want to know more? Then discover in details each one of our timestamp services: