Timestamping attachments

Another way of timestamping: sending attachments by email

Do you want to timestamp a file without logging on to our platform? Nothing could be easier! Simply add it as an attachment to an email and send it to Universign.

You will receive an immediate reply containing two attachments:

  • your original file
  • the timestamp seal associated with your file.
Attachments timestamping scheme

It is then up to you to store in this message in your email system or to stock both attachments – the original file and the timestamp – in another directory.

Timestamping attachments provides another way of accessing the Universign service, simply by using your email..

This feature can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • through a general access via the address attach@universign.eu. Simply send your emails to this address in order to timestamp your attachments.
  • through a secure access via a private address. You can prevent abuse of your pack of credits by using an email address that includes a revocable password such as attach-523416@tsp.universign.eu. To activate this feature and learn your personal private address, visit the “My Information” tab in your Universign account.

Interested? You can try it for free with the 5 timestamp credits in our welcome pack!


  • The service also works with several attachments in the same email (up to 50).
  • Files sent to Universign are not stored or transferred. Timestamping is an automated technical procedure that does not imply any visibility on our part with regard to the content of the emails exchanged.