Timestamping emails

Put us on copy of your emails and have Universign as your witness

This feature enables you to timestamp the emails you send. Your messages will be digitally sealed and dated in a reliable, tamper-proof manner by our RGS-qualified timestamping service. You can then use them as admissible evidence in court in case of any dispute with the recipients of the messages.

Email timestamping

From a legal point of view, an email can be presented in court as evidence or as prima facie evidence in all cases where it is admissable (criminal law, commercial law, and in some fields, civil law). However, from a technical point of view, an email cannot generally be considered reliable when it comes to the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message. Its probative value is therefore subject to the discretion of the judge who will have to decide on a case-by-case basis.

Timestamping, however, offers the guarantee that:

  • a piece of information existed on a given date
  • not a single bit of this information has been modified since that date.

Universign timestamping enables you to demonstrate that the content of a message has not been changed over time (the principle of integrity), which may prove crucial in a sensitive context!

With the Universign email timestamping service, you can strengthen the probative value of your emails and prove your good faith, should any of your messages fail to be received by their intended recipients.

How does it work?

It’s really simple: all you have to do is put the address cc@tsp.universign.eu in copy of every message you send!

For each email sent, you will receive a reply containing as an attachment:

  • your original email;
  • the timestamping seal associated with your email.

Use cases for timestamping are many: calculating time limits for bringing proceedings, exercising your rights or fulfilling your obligations, calculating late payments, participating in tenders…

Still not convinced? Well, why not give it a go? Send us an email to cc@tsp.universign.eu. Try it today – it’s free and without engagement!


  • Emails received by Universign are neither stored nor transferred. Timestamping is an automated technical procedure that does not imply any visibility on our part with regard to the content of the emails exchanged.
  • You can prevent abuse of your pack of credits by using an email address that includes a revocable password such as cc-523416@tsp.universign.eu. To activate this feature and learn your personal private address, visit the “My Information” tab in your Universign account.