Timestamp all your files online

Perfectly adapted to occasional electronic dating operations, online timestamping lets you timestamp all your documents manually and check that your documents were properly timestamped. You can timestamp hundreds of files through this interface. However, we recommend you pick the automated timestamping service for high-volume timestamping.

How can you timestamp online?

This service lets you timestamp any type of files in just a few steps.

Timestamping interface
Drag and drop documents

1 Load your documents

Drag and drop your files in the Web timestamping applet or click "Add" to load documents in the timestamping interface.

Documents timestamping

2 Timestamp

Select the documents to be timestamped in the interface and click the timestamp button. For each document, this operation produces one timestamp token (or seal). The token is a small file with the same name as your timestamped document with a specific extension: .ers. It is stored in the same directory as your original document. Its your proof: keep it secure!

Timestamp verification

3 Check

When you need it, load a document and select it in the same interface: if it was properly timestamped and your proof (the .ers file with the same name) is next to the document in the same directory as your document, the status bar will display the status message "Intact" as well as the timestamping time and date.

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