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Timestamp your files

Digital timestamp

Digital timestamping consists of affixing a legally-binding time and date to any type of digital file (text, audio, video, etc), in the form of an electronic seal.

A timestamp seal guarantees that:

  • a file existed on a given date
  • the file has not changed since that date (not a single bit)

In other words, a timestamping seal allows you to electronically “seal” a document and affix a date to it that is both reliable and unfalsifiable. It is the electronic equivalent of a traditional seal.

Use cases for timestamping are many and varied, and involve both private individuals and professionals.

Some examples from everyday life

  • dating graphic design work or other intellectual property... The digital timestamping of documents containing literary works, films, graphical creations or other intellectual property (logos, slogans, jingles, etc…) provides evidence of prior art in a way that is more flexible than its physical equivalents and at a lower cost.
  • affixing a date to quotes and business proposals can help keep track of the history of a business relationship and the timeline of a complex negotiation process.
  • other examples: include digitally validating the time when a package was received, affixing a date to an electronic invoice or pay slip, or the time at which an electronic auction ended, and strengthening the presumption of authenticity for a signed document...

Bring legal protection to your documents with Universign

Universign was the first qualified authority to be recognized under the French RGS Decree of February 2nd, 2010. Using a qualified timestamping service such as Universign is a legal requirement for administrative bodies in France, as defined in the RGS decree, for all dealings both between administrative bodies and with their users. In other words, no higher level of qualification exists in France today. Using Universign means you have all the odds in your favor when it comes to reassuring the person you are dealing with of the accuracy of any dates given in a sensitive legal context.

Do you want to go even further, so that no-one can contest the source of your digital documents? Discover Universign digital signature...

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