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Sign and timestamp your electronic documents... and give them legal value!

Sign all your documents with Universign

Every day, we work with digital documents on our computers. Every day, billions of electronic documents are sent, received, produced, edited, viewed, distributed and stored on the Internet. Every day, we are moving further and further away from paper towards electronic media as our preferred means of transmitting information.

However, unlike a printed document, it is easy to make an identical copy of a digital document, or to change it without leaving a trace.

Without specific tools, it is also impossible to prove that one paperless document existed before another, to date a digital document in a way that is not open to challenge, or to sign it as easily as we would its paper equivalent.

For all these reasons, whenever an electronic document is required to take on a legal dimension, we still have an unfortunate tendency to … print it out.

Universign: Enter the digital age with probative value

Universign provides you with the tools you need to give a legal dimension to all your electronic documents, while still guaranteeing their legal value, their integrity over time, and the authenticity of their authors and their signatories. Universign is a simple and easy-to-access platform designed to bring within the reach of many the services you need to enter the digital age while remaining secure in the knowledge that your documents still have probative value.

With Universign, you can now electronically sign and timestamp your digital documents. In practice, timestamps and electronic signatures provide solutions to many everyday problems in the digital world.

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